1. http://www.trouveinmountainbrook.com

Paintings available here. Store is located in English Village in Birmingham, Alabama.


2. http://www.grandbohemiangallery.com

Paintings available here. Gallery is located in Mountain Brook Village in Birmingham, Alabama.


3. http://www.kylefinestationery.com

Paintings available here. Located in Downtown Tuscaloosa, Alabama


4. http://www.homeandtextilestoday.com/article/521786-living-well-fairhope

Write up on Living Well Fairhope, carrier of Genny Weaver Art


5. http://www.yespleasedaily.com/2016/02/be-my-valentine-ft-genny-weaver-art.html

Blog write up on Genny Weaver Art.


6. http://www.probablypolkadots.com/search?q=genny+weaver+art

Blog write up on Genny Weaver Art.


7. http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/art/

Information on where I took class in summer 2016.


8. https://www.moma.org

My favorite art museum that is located in New York City. 


9. http://www.gagosian.com/artists

This is my favorite art gallery. Also located in New York City.


10. http://www.donaldrobertson.com

This artist has been a huge inspiration to me with his use of color and personality.