Creative Interests

The majority of my work is based around large scale abstracts and colorful faces. In the future I hope to continue on this path with various colors and perspectives. Painting an abstract is a process I always enjoy. I love the loss of control and the ability to start with an idea and finish with a completely different one. I am also intrigued by the relationships colors make with one another along the way. I love the way one color makes another color pop off the canvas. I have fallen in love with painting abstracts because they are so open to interpretation. One person may see an abstract totally different than another person but no matter the interpretation an abstract always leaves a viewer with a sense of mystery. I hope to leave someone with a sense that life is not meant to be figured out but enjoyed.

Many artists often enjoy alone time more than most. However, I have been called a "people people person" numerous  times. I have started to wonder if this may contribute to why I enjoy painting faces so much. I am fascinated with diversity and the many ways people are unique. When I paint a face I use a variety of colors, textures, and shapes that remind me of the beauty that lies in all of our differences. I am inspired by Oscar Wilde who stated, "Be yourself; no one can tell you your doing it wrong."  Whether it is blue hair or purple lips, I believe painting a face has the power to say something about how uniquely beautiful people are without using words. 

In addition to painting faces and abstracts I love painting things in nature. Everything from butterflies to trees inspires me. I love adding a spin to something we see everyday. Adding pink to a tree or adding running paint to a butterfly. All leave me inspired and remind me to look beyond just the structure and into how a tree affects us in the every day.